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  • No unread posts Redpath and Whiteoak Family Tree 2017
    UPDATED 10th Feb 2017! This is the very latest version of our Family Tree, and now contains around 9,000 people. It's laid out in tree-style, so it's easy to follow, but has loads of information if you use the buttons. Give it a try!
    Total redirects: 1718
  • No unread posts RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project
    Whiteoak and Redpath family tree 2016 on RootsWeb.
    This is a publicly viewable family tree, updated on 27th June 2016! Choose to view it as a family group, pedigree or other formats.
    Total redirects: 9936
  • Ancestry.co.uk
    Whiteoak and Redpath families 2013 on Ancestry.co.uk. (Updated Mar 2013.)
    This has the same information as the RootsWeb version of 2013, in a different format, so use whichever suits you best.
    Unfortunately I can't update it now.
    Total redirects: 5058
  • Irene's Books
    You'll find some of my family tree researches here in book form, plus a little other history and also some fiction. There are sample chapters to download free to try before you buy, and links to follow should you decide to buy anything.
    Total redirects: 9651
  • Family Search Tree
    Not really one of mine! But I have contributed some info on the WHITEOAK family. Anybody can read, or add facts - but some details are patchy, so look out for sources to be surer of proven facts and figures. Different formats are available to view or print - check the buttons.
    Total redirects: 441

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