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Family Tree software (programmes)

There are hundreds out there! But I'll list the ones I have tried first.

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  • No unread posts Custodian3
    This is a very complex programme, because it does an incredibly clever job. It takes all your oddments of information - certs, indexes, news cuttings, gravestones, census etc - and it puts them all into one enormous searchable index. It needs a bit of time and effort to learn, but it does a brilliant job.
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  • Legacy Family Tree

    A comprehensive family tree programme, available in a number of different languages - including four varieties of English!

    I have not used this one myself, but it looks worth a try.
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  • No unread posts RootsMagic
    This is my favourite at the moment. There's pretty well everything you could want in it, although of course nothing is absolutely perfect unless you make it yourself! If you want British spelling, make sure you get the UK version.
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  • No unread posts SpanSoft
    Software for family trees, slide viewing and sorting, birthday reminders, shopping lists - all shareware, so you can try before you buy. And everything is made in Scotland, too! Comprehensive and inexpensive.
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